2021 Pax Annual report

Our sincerest gratitude goes out to every member of the Global Pax Romana family2021 was a monumental year for the Global Pax Romana family as it marked the 100th milestone since Catholic Tertiary Students came together to contribute to Peace and Justice around the world. This global mission which started in 1921, as a response to the social collapse caused by the 1st World War has survived continuous challenges without forgetting the gospel call for social action.
Though we still have a long way to go to actualizing this idea of a common international secretariat, the collaboration of the global Pax Romana family has given us the strength and confidence for a brighter future.
With the participation of the delegates from all the regions, IMCS Pax Romana was able to prepare and approve a working strategic plan for 2021-26.

As we are celebrating the Pax Romana centennial year from July 2021 to July 2022, we have witnessed and felt the warmth and strength of our global family who is joining their hands together in solidarity from every corner of the world and all walks of life. May the Lord almighty bless the Global Pax Romana family to be the salt and the light of the world whenever and wherever we are needed, for the years to as well. Amen.

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2020 Annual Report of IMCS Pax Romana

With immense pleasure we present you the 2020 Annual Report of IMCS Pax Romana. 

2020 proved to be a difficult life changing year for most of us. Yet so many students rose to immense challenges, from tackling unemployment, to tackling mental health, to fighting hunger and poverty, even in the middle of a global pandemic.

As an international, religious and student movement, 2020 came to us as a year before our 100 years anniversary and as such we welcomed the year with greater plans, promising prospects, overwhelming anxieties and excellence hope to drive topical human capital development, social, religious and environmental projects and conversations across the over 80 countries of the world where we have our presence registered.

Little did we know that the world leaders won’t contain the Covid-19 Pandemic which spread took off last quarter of 2019. Spread of the pandemic led to global lockdown, economic devastation, limited freedom of movement and led to tension, panic and uncertainty. It gradually introduced new order in handling global affairs. It totally shifted the affairs of mankind from conventional (Physical) to Technology driven (Virtual). It completely exposed level of global public institutions ranging from healthcare to education, from transportation to economy, etc. 

The paradigm shift brought about by Covid-19 made innovation and creativity inevitable. At a time, such as this, it takes preparations to catch up with unfolding events and extraordinary preparations to be among the few who set pace and standard for the new order. IMCS-MIEC Rax Romana through different high level of think-tanks from the international team to regional coordinators and international partners and collaborators, we designed, and implemented our activities, Trainings, Meetings, Easter Eucharistic Celebrations, Reflections Consultations, Workshops to virtual platform 100%.  We identified with and defended the rights and legitimate demands of students from nations with poor governance such as Nigeria during the national protest organized by youth and students of Nigeria. And we renewed the bonds of our global family and created a new dynamic with our sister organization ICMICA Pax Romana through common formation programs, actions and celebrations.

We are looking forward for a more engaging 2021 as we celebrate 100 years of faith activism of Pax Romana global family.

Pax Romana was founded in 1921 to bring the hope to the society which was destroyed by World War I. In a global Pandemic situation where everything is uncertain and everyone is hopeless, we, the global Pax Romana family takes the responsibility of carrying the mantle of hope for the humanity and the mother earth. In the face of adversity and difficulties we renew and find the relevance of our mission to the society we are living in. May the contributions of the Catholic students in the past 100 years guide us to continue our mission for the coming 100 years, being an option for the poor and marginalized…

(Special thanks to IMCS Pax Romana regional coordinators and Advocacy team members who contributed to the report, as well as to Mr. Paul Christian Sopon (JECI-MIEC European Coordination) who did a great job in designing the report.)

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