The International Team of IMCS Pax Romana is the highest executive body of the global movement. According to the Pax Romana General statutes, the international team comprises of the president, the Secretary General and the Ecclesiastical Assistant (chaplain). International Team is elected for a term of 4 years during IMCS Pax Romana World Assembly which is the highest decision making body of the movement. The current International Team was elected during the IMCS Pax Romana World Assembly which was held in the city of Lusaka, Zambia for the term of 2020 to 2023.

Fr. Jojo M.Fung, SJ
International Ecclesiastical Assistant (Chaplain)

Ravi Tissera
International President

Victor Kweku Ayertey
international Secretary

The main responsibilities of the International Team of IMCS Pax Romana are;

  • executing the decisions made by the national member movements’ delegates during the World Assembly and international Councils.
  • representation at the holy see and the international platforms such as United Nations, UNESCO, ILO…etc.
  • entering into partnership with like minded religious, secular or youth international organisations for campaigns, advocacy, formation…etc.
  • navigating the direction of the international advocacy of the organisation and coordinating the IMCS Pax Romana Global Advocacy team.
  • ensuring the financial and administrative sustainability of the movement.
  • accompanying the regional Secretariats and facilitating the regions/national movements during crisis situations.
  • creating international advocacy and Leadership formation opportunities to the membership of the movement.
  • leading the expansion and formation missions in the regions/countries where Catholic tertiary level students organizations do not exist or need assistance.
  • leading the necessary knowledge creation efforts and processes of the movement.
  • preserving and transferring the memory of the global movement.
  • reporting and providing the directions during the decision making councils of the global movement.

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