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Official Address: 20 Avocado Road, Pilar Village, Las Pinas City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1750
Official Email:
Telephone:  +639391194999

International Movement Of Catholic Students Asia Pacific-Pax Romana

Brief history
Pax Romana (IMCS) Asia engagements began in the 1930s through European missionaries and Asian students who were studying in Europe. The first concrete step to establish the Asian movement was taken at the 1948 Pax Romana Inter-Federal Assembly (IFA) in Belgium. A special commission established to study the possibility of regional cooperation in Asia made several recommendations to the Assembly after examining the situation of Catholic student movements in Asia. One of the main recommendations was to create a permanent study commission. Another one was to organize a regional congress in Asia. And Pacific federations met in separate sessions and agreed on a proposal for a better regional cooperation and development of core-respondence among themselves.  IMCS Asia Pacific region was formed in 1954. Asia Pacific coordination was entrusted with the mission of coordinating various tertiary students’ groups, movements and federations in Asia and the Pacific. Since then, IMCS Asia Pacific has continued its mission of supporting the formation of tertiary students in partnership with the marginalized in order to realize its core responsibility of building an alternative just World. IMCS Asia Pacific coordination has 10 national member movements and 4 contact groups (organizations in formation) under four sub regions, namely East Asia, South Asia, South East Asia and Pacific.

Names and Positions of Current team members
William Nokrek-Asia Pacific Coordinator
Sister Jantana Wongsankakorn, OSU- Religious Chaplain
John Shanth Kumar Joseph- Lay Chaplain
Lap Man Law-Lay Chaplain

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Movements in Asia Pacific

Australian Catholic Students Association

Motto of the Movement

Via, Veritas, Vita

Year of Foundation 1942    

Year of IMCS membership 1942

Brief History
Rosemary Goldie was commissioned to bring the IMCS to Australia in 1938 by General Secretary Rudi Salat. This lead to the affiliation of the Sydney University Newman Society in 1938 at the 18th Congress of Pax Romana. From this 1940 was set as the time for the first National conference. However, due to the out-break of WWII, this was not able to take place. Little then happened until 1942 when the first conference took place from January the 24th and 25th in Sydney. Those who attended decided to start the University Catholic Federation of Australia, which was the first title under which the movement was known.

The founding members of the movement were Mr T Burke (Sectary), Rosemary Goldie (Assistant Sectary), Dr John Eccles, and Mr TA Herbert. At this conference the first constitution was developed. From this point began the National Movement of Catholic Students in Australia. Between 1942 and 1950 the organisation, then known as University Catholic Federation Australia (UCFA), was run by university graduates who volunteered for positions of secretariat over the years.

In 1968 the movement was restructured and its focus moved from social activities to community building and social justice issues. In 1974 it was decided to re-structure the movement to make it more relevant to university students at the time. It was re-named the Tertiary Catholic Federation Australia (TCFA).

The Movement then went through another restructuring period in 1990 when it was re-named the International Movement of Catholic Students Australia (IMCSA). The Movement was renamed the Australian Catholic Students Association in 2005.

Since then ACSA has held annual conferences, and has worked towards achieving and living out its mission.

Names and Positions of Current team members
Alexander Kennedy – President

Claudia Tohi – Vice President
Madeline Wilks – Secretary
Phillip Brooks – Treasurer
Michael Rodgers – NSW Chairperson
Conan Hayes – VIC Chairperson

Catherine Brennan – QLD Chairperson

Official Address: University Catholic Centre of St John Paul the Great 150 City Road, Darlington, NSW, 2008, Australia
Official Email: /


Bangladesh Catholic Students’ Movement

Year of Foundation 1991

Year of IMCS membership 1994

Brief history
During the 1990s Ms. Helen Ting, a member of the IMCS Asian team came to visit Bangladesh and with the help of Catholic Jubo Sheba Dol (Catholic Youth Service Team) conducted several seminars with the students of Dhaka University, Jagannath University Tejgaon College and Christian Student Organization of Chattogram respectively. On 13 February 1991, a combined Meeting was held on Ramna Cathedral Parish, Dhaka and a 9-member committee were formed to organize a national Seminar in October 1991. This committee with the help of Rev. Father Benjamin Costa CSC, Dr. joseph D’ Silva, Dr. Isodore Gomes, and Catholic Jubo Sheba Dol organized a five-day (20-25 October 1991) convention at Dhaka Notre Dame College and started the movement which was named BCSM. During April 1994, the Asian Council of IMCS Asia, an evaluation meeting was held in Thailand between two Pan Asian assemblies. The BCSM President participated in the meeting and applied to get the full membership of IMCS. On July 6, 1994, a three-member team participated in the Asia pacific assembly in Hong Kong. Being satisfied with the activities of BCSM and receiving a recommendation from Most. Rev. archbishop Michael D’ Rozario, IMCS accepted BCSM as a full member.

Names and Positions of Current team members

Patrick Drishya Purification- President
Nishan Cristofer Rema- General Secretary
Mark Tonmoy D Costa- Treasurer
Victor Jayanta Biswas- Organizing Secretary
Joy Egnetius Rozario- Publication Secretary
Tonni Gloria Roy- Executive Member
Xavier Oli Minj- Executive Member 

Brother Ujjal Placid Pereira CSC- Chaplain

Official Address: CBCB Center, 24/C Asad Avenue, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1215
Official Email:
Telephone:  +639391194999

Hong Kong Federation Of Catholic Students

Motto of the Movement
Option for the Poor

Year of Foundation 1961

Brief History
Hong Kong Federation of Catholic Students (HKFCS) was formed in 1961 as a student movement organization consists of members from 14 Universities. Our aim is to unite the students to take their role as a Catholic youth and to concerns about the underprivileged people in the society.

HKFCS works towards the goal of ‘Option for the Poor’, which is to achieve Christ’s teaching through actions and to accompany the needy in the society. The Executive Committee would also focus on different target groups every year, such as the homeless ones and children who are facing the problem of poverty, and to organize activities related to the issues in order to let the students to have more in depth understanding of different social problems.

Names and Positions of Current team members
Melissa Tsui (Acting President), 

Katharine Lee (Head of the Executive Committee)

Official Address: 7/F, Caritas Centre Block B, 256A Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Official Email:

All India Catholic University Federation

Motto of the Movement
“we were born in an unjust society and we are determined not to leave it as we have founded it”

Year of Foundation 1924, affiliated to Catholic Bishops Conference of India from 1948
Year of IMCS membership 1937

Aicuf  an introduction
All India catholic university federation Aicuf was founded by Fr Carty SJ in 1924 at St Joseph’s college, Trichy. Aicuf functions in 13 states of India Objectives of Aicuf To analyze socially the various situation in India and to approach the society with social awareness To be the voice of the voiceless for their rights to create spirituality centered on human kindness within students To prepare the students to respond to the social issues in today’s context. Target people of Aicuf Dalit Adiwasis Women refugees To be a member of Aicuf College/university students below the age of 30 Places of Aicuf units Colleges college hostels Catholic parishes Note: a unit should have minimum of 20 members Structure of Aicuf National level State level Regional level Unit level Trainings by Aicuf Leadership & personality development Social analysis & field visits Political awareness Street theatre & folk arts training Journalism & media education Criticism on documentary films Human rights education Summer camps Documentation Activities Developing personality and leadership quality for today’s youth, with the virtues like love, justice, honesty, truth, equality and brotherhood Organizing seminars, special talks, debates, group discussion to make the students socially concerned Conducting workshop to explore the multi talents of the students training the students to think optimistively “We were born in an unjust society, and we are determined not to leave it as we have found it “

Names and Positions of Current team members
Ms. Anushka Agarwal -National Convenor (President) NT-(Maharashtra)
Ms. Anshu Toppo -Co Convenor NT-(Jharkhand)
Ms. Saumya Holani -Women Commission Convenor (Delhi- Rajasthan)
Mr. Cyprian Barla -Adiwasi Commission Convenor (Jharkhand)
Ms. Priyanka – Dalit Commission Convenor (Tamil Nadu)
Mr. Azhagu Nethaji -National Team member (Tamil Nadu)
Mr. Ranjith Menon -National Team member (Karnataka)
Mr. Aditya Antony -National Team member (Bihar)
Mr. Manish -National Team member (M.P and Chhattisgarh)
Mr. Prakash Murmu -National Team member (Dumka)
Ms. Rakhuni -National Team member (Manipur)
Mr. Shon -National Team member (Delhi- Rajasthan)
Ms. Riya Chacko -National Team member (West Bengal)
Mr. Nirmal -National Team member (Kerala) 
Fr Joel Fernandes SJ (Karnataka)
Fr Dean Fernandes SJ (Maharashtra)
Fr Sebastian Alphonse SJ (Bihar)
Fr Jesu Benjamin SJ (Dumka)
Fr Balakumar SJ (Andhra-Telangana)
Fr N Parthasarathy SJ (Tamil Nadu) (National House Director)
Fr prince SJ (Kerala)
Fr Nagin SJ (Gujarat)
Fr Arul Mozhi SJ(Rajasthan & Delhi)
Fr Arokiya Swamy SJ (West Bengal)
Fr Vinod bilung SJ (Jharkhand)
Fr Alok (MP & Chhattisgarh)
Sis Bindhu (Manipur)
Fr Emmanuel SJ (National Adviser)
Sis Jhansi (National Women Commission Co Ordinator)
Prof Lenin Amirtham (Dalit Commission)

Official Address: No 52, Aicuf House, sterling road, Nungambakkam Chennai-34
Official Email:
Telephone:  91-44-28272283
Instagram: aicuf_india

Union of Catholic Students of The Republic of Indonesia (PMKRI)

Motto of the Movement
Pro Ecclesia et Patria
Religio Omnium Scientiarum Anima

Year of Foundation 1947



Brief History
PMKRI constitute fusion from KSV ( Katholike Studenten Vereniging) and The Federalisme of University Students of Republic of Indonesia (in Indonesia ; Perserikatan Mahasiswa Katolik Republik Indonesia/PMKRI) in Indonesia. There are St. Bellarmine Catholic student association (KSV) was the first Catholic student association, established in Batavia (now Jakarta) in 1928. In 1947, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic student association (KSV) was founded in Bandung , West Java. And then the St. Lucas Catholic students association (KSV) was founded in Surabaya, East Java in 1948. And the last is The Federalism of University Students of Republic of Indonesia was founded in Yogyakarta in 1947. After following some meet and congress, these association fused an formed the PMKRI in Yogyakarta on 1947 with new name is The Catholic Union of University Students of the Republic of Indonesia (in Indonesia ; Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Katolik Republik Indonesia/PMKRI). 

The decisions were produced ; 
PMKRI was founded in Yogyakarta on 25th May 1947. PMKRI was located in location of National Board PMKRI. Four branchs founder of PMKRI are PMKRI branch of Yogyakarta, PMKRI branch of Bandung, PMKRI branch of Jakarta and PMKRI branch of Subarabaya. In statute (ART) every branch of PMKRI have fasten a sentence, “ PMKRI is Federation KSV and PMKRI Yogyakarta have fused in 11th June 1951.” Thomas Aquinas is Patron Saint of PMKRI. PMKRI mottos’ is “Religio Omnium Scientarium Anima.” Red purple (maroon) is color of PMKRI berets’ (right now specially for PMKRI branch of Bandung wear black beret) Fuse congress is first congress PMKRI. Second congress PMKRI would organized in Surabaya before December 1952. Period of administrator is one year (right now two years in a period of administrator) PP PMKRI (National Board PMKRI) was chosen as soon as establish new branches in Indonesia and coordinate with chairman of KWI. PK Haryasudirja in acclamation is chairman of Nation Board PMKRI (PP PMKRI) period 1951 -1952. Base on decision, PMKRI was born on 25th May 1947 in Balai Pertemuan Gereja Katolik (right now; Widya Mandala) at Margokridonggo street, Kotabaru Yogyakarta. (right now Abubakar Ali). 
Based on suggestion of Mgr. Albertus Soegijapranata, in 25th May 1947 coincide Pentecostal days’ chosen as the day of PMKRI born. His suggestion was accepted by founder of PMKRI. Mgr. Albertus Soegijapranata teach day of PMKRI born coincide Pentecostal days’; it is mean that symbol alight of third spirit from Most Holy Trinity is Holy Spirit to Catholic of University Students’ for gather and struggle with foundation of Catholic theory’s, defend and contribute in the independence Republic of Indonesia. 
Founding father in each specific case organization (KSV and PMKRI); 
Gang Keng Soei (Ks Gani), Ouw Jong Peng Koen (PK ojong), PK Haryasudirja delegate from each specific case organization (KSV dan PMKRI) – who unwrite in history. Priests have a role ; Pater J Willekens, SJ. (Vicar of Apostolic Batavia), Albertus Soegijapranata, SJ., Pater Beek, SJ.

Names and Positions of Current team members
Chief of Presidium : Benidiktus Papa 
Presidium of Organizational Development : Ewaldus Bole 
Presidium of Training and Reorganization : Engelbertus Boli Tobin 
Presidium of Inter-University Relations : Damianus Gerenz Ohoiwutun 
Presidium of Catholic Society Relations : Paulus Gema Galgani 
Presidium of International Relations : Benediktus Wastu Paramabodhi 
Presidium of Research and Technology : Prodensio Veto Meo 
Secretary General : Tri Natalia Urada 
Vice Secretary General I : Cristo M. Pangeran M. F. 
Vice Secretary General II : Anastasya Rosalinda 
Vice Secretary General III : Dwi Ivana L. Sitohang 
Treasurer : Margareta L. Yunita Domaking 
Vice Treasurer : Manuarius Ndambo
Regional Commissariat
Maluku-North Maluku Commissary : Wolter Hungan 
West Papua Commissary : Pilatus Legowan 
South Sumatra Commissary : Alexander Silaban 
North Sumatra Commissary : Lince Sipayung 
West Borneo Commissary : Oktavianus Loin Indra
Region Eight Commissary : Romundus Romi 
Timor Commissary : Adrianus Lalu 
Papua Commissary : Benidiktus Bame 
Special Capital Region of Jakarta Commissary : Billy Claudio

Official Address: Dr. Sam Ratulangi No. 1, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Indonesia
Official Email:
Telephone:  996175605
Youtube : PP PMKRI
Sri Lanka University Catholic Students’ Movement
Year of Foundation 1935 
Year of IMCS membership 1931

Brief history
The present CSM stands on the shoulders of our ancestors and we are forever grateful for their History of the Sri Lanka University Catholic Students’ Movement dates back to the time when Very Rev. Fr. (Dr.) Peter A. Pillai O.M.I founded the Catholic Students’ Federation (CSF) affiliated to Pax Romana in 1935. When Very Rev. Fr. Peter Pillai OMI he was studying at Cambridge, he had a close association with International Movement of Catholic Students. This might have germinated the idea to initiate a similar movement in Ceylon. An inaugural meeting of CSF was held in 1942 at St. Joseph’s College, Colombo. Members from the University of Ceylon (previously known as University College), the Ceylon Medical Faculty and several schools with advanced level classes had been the members of the CSF.
After the second world war, former independent societies banded together in 1947 to form a united federation. This increased the number of members from 300 to 900. With its centralized theme as “Prayer, Study and Action,” the federation was primarily interested in giving solid social training to its members. It is also evident that there has been an active participation of CSF members in the events organized by Pax Romana. Afterwards, Rev. Fr. Thomas Kuriakose, Rev. Fr. Tissa Balasuriya and Rev. Fr. (Dr.) Chrispin Leo served as National Chaplains of the SLUCSM. CSF was dissolved in 1973 around April and was reorganized in around September as the “Catholic Students’ Movement.” In 1979, the post of “National Chaplain” was abolished and a “National Coordinator” was appointed. Regional chaplains were appointed under the National Coordinator.
Students had organized Carol Services and various charities in order to uplift the living standards of the society. Further, there have been different seminars and training programs to educate the youth and to develop their spirituality. Various guest speakers including Rev. Fr. Tissa Balasuriya had joined these programs. The present CSM stands on the shoulders of our ancestors and we are forever grateful for their contributions to make it one of the most long-standing student associations in Sri Lanka.

Names and Positions of Current team members

Executive Committee
President – Pasindu Lakshan
Vice Presidents – Lahiru Dasanayake and Dilakshan Perera
Secretary – Jayani Madhushani
Vice Secretary – Dilky Felsinger
Treasurer – Sumudu Tissera

Committee Members
Commitee member for Colombo Region – Mario Perera
Commitee member for Eastern University – Hashan Priyankara
Commitee member for Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo – Thilina Perera
Commitee member for Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya – Wimarshi Weerasooriya
Commitee member for Rajarata University – Viduranga Dissanayake
Commitee member for Sabaragamuwa University – Rasika Lakshan
Commitee member for South Eastern University – Roshen Fernando
Commitee member for Trincomalee Campus, Eastern University – Ephan boho kulas
Commitee member for University of Colombo – Hashitha Peiris
Commitee member for University of Jaffna – Anton Kavindu
Commitee member for University of Kelaniya – Gimhana Fernando
Commitee member for University of Moratuwa – Nelusha Perera
Commitee member for University of Peradeniya – Sajana Perera
Commitee member for University of Ruhuna – Ashen de Silva
Commitee member for University of Sri Jayewardenepura – Lahiru Hashan
Commitee member for Uva Wellassa University – Shenal Jayasinghe
Commitee member for Wayamba University – Asitha Fernando

Official Address: Rev. Fr. Ruwan Perera(OMI), Catholic Chaplaincy, University of Peradeniya, University Park, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.
Official Email:
Telephone:  National Chaplain: +94 779754451, President: +94 774064740

Catholic Student Network of Thailand

Motto of the Movement
“Stand Together for What you Believe”

Year of Foundation 1956     Year of IMCS membership 1958

Brief History
Jesuit had been invited by Catholic Church of Thailand to open pastoral works in Thailand that according to the history it considered as the 2nd chance. Then Jesuit opened a house and began the missions where one of it was working with Catholic students at some public universities. At that time there were 2 groups of students.
One was university students and the other was vocational school students.
Recently there are 3 groups under Catholic Student Network of Thailand:
1) Catholic Student of Thailand,
2) Student Volunteer Development Camp of Xavier Hall,
3) MAGIS group of Thailand.

Now, there are 2 Catholic Student Center in Thailand run by Jesuit:
1. At Xavier Hall that coordinating Catholic University Students throughout Thailand;
2. At Seven Fountains that coordinating Northern Catholic University Students.

Names and Positions of Current team members
Fr. Beda Yassao, SJ (Chaplain), 

Sch. JB Cholthawat Wano, SJ (Vice Chaplain),
Mr. Nattanon Sukhajorn (Coordinator), 
Ms. Manna Jaicharoen (Chairman CSNT) and 
Mr. Wuttipong Wongprakob (Vice Chairman CSNT)

Official Address: Xavier Hall , 43 Soi Rachavithi 12, Phahonyothin Rd. Bangkok Thailand 10400
Official Email:
Telephone:    +6623549091 ext 301 (student office)
Facebook: The Catholic Student Network of Thailand

IMCS Nepal

Motto of the Movement
Live for God, Lead for Nepal

Year of Foundation 2016 Year of IMCS membership 2016

Brief History
IMCS has had connections with Nepali students for few decades and during the past few years the connections had been disrupted and a new initiative had been needed for years. In October 2016, IMCS Secretary General Ms. Evelina Manola and IMCS Asia Pacific Coordinator Mr. Ravi Tissera visited Nepal with the intention of reestablishing the movement. They met with Bishop Paul Simick, the Vicar Apostolic of Nepal and shared their intentions. Bishop Simick conveyed his gratitude to the IMCS about taking the interest to continue the mission with the Nepali students and gave his blessings to initiate the movement again in the Nepal among undergraduate level catholic students.

IMCS representatives then met with Fr. Jiju Varghese, S.J. the Principal of St. Xavier’s College to discuss further about the initiative. Many catholic students were doing their undergraduate studies at St. Xavier’s College at that time and the College was open to take the lead if the Bishop approved it. Bishop Simick in a letter later approved St. Xavier’s College as the IMCS Nepal chapter and to take the lead in conducting the various activities. Fr. Jomon Jose, S.J. was appointed as the Chaplain.

In July 2017, Mr. Ruki Fernando, lay chaplain of IMCS Asia Pacific paid visit to IMCS Nepal and conducted a half day orientation as well as interaction session for the members of IMCS Nepal.

Since the reestablishment IMCS Nepal has had many activities and programs. Since November 2019, Fr. Jiju Varghese, S.J. has been the chaplain and Sr. Sophie Lee SPC the animator of the program.

Names and Positions of Current team members
Mr. May Ghale ( President) 

Ms. Rubi Ghale (Vice President) 
Mr. Suman Ghale (Secretary) 

Mr. Man Bahadur Tamang (Treasurer)

Official Address: St. Xavier’s College, Kathmandu, Nepal
Official Email:
Telephone:  +977-1-4244474
Youtube : 

UCCSA (University Chinese Catholic Students Association)

Motto of the Movement
Open, Dialogue, Vocation, Faith

Year of Foundation 1951      Year of IMCS membership 1981

Brief History
In February 1949, Father Fang Hao in History Department of National Taiwan University founded the “Catholic Teachers and Students Association” on the campus of NTU, which was the first Catholic university association in Taiwan. In 1951, it was renamed as “National Taiwan University Catholic College Student Association”. Faculty and students from all colleges and universities in Taiwan have successively established formal or informal associations on campus and gradually integrated with them.

In 1954, the college associations of 5 schools including National Taiwan University, National Normal University, Tamkang, Taipei Institute of Technology, Provincial Vocational College, and Soochow established the “Taipei Archdiocese College Catholic Church” on November 14. In 1965, the Catholic Association for the Advancement of Academic Affairs approved to establish National Assembly in Taipei and officially named it “Chinese Catholic University Student Association”, and therefore became a national organization. In 1974, the Association was officially exposed to Asian Conference in 1981 and became a member in the International Movement Catholic Student (Pax Romana). Later in 2018, the association renamed as “University Catholic Chinese Student Association” (UCCSA) at the 47th National Assembly.

Names and Positions of Current team members
Secretariat President Xie,Meng-En 謝孟恩 

Vice-President Chen,Xi-Zhu 陳璽竹 
Hong,Liang-Zhe 洪良哲 
Liao,Xin-Ru 廖心如 
Xie,Yi-Fang 謝依芳 
Luo,Yu 羅羽 
National Chaplaincy 
朴正煥 Pak Chong Hwan, Alex, SJ. 
蔡慈芬 Tsai Tzu-Fen,Teresita, Hijas de Jesus 
楊翠如 Yang Tsui-Ju, Teresa, lay chaplain

Official Address: Rm. 411, 4F., No. 22, Sec. 1, Xinhai Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 10089 台北市中正區辛亥路一段22號4樓411室
Official Email:
Telephone:   (886)02-23654205#280