Living a Spirituality of Action: A Handbook for Organizing Communities of Catholic Students and Lay Professionals  (Revised Nov. 2020)

For almost a century, our movements have been guided by a specific Christian spirituality action which inspires students, intellectuals and professionals to take leading roles as Christian citizens in the world and lay leaders in the church. From our work at the Second Vatican Council to advance a theology of the laity, to our work in the United Nations on youth participation and human rights, this spirituality has inspired the work of our movements

The small book draws from resources and texts from our movement over the past century and finds much connection to the writings of Pope Francis. In many ways this booklet is an update of the book by Fr. Buenaventura Pelegri, MIEC-JIEC Su Opcion Su Pedagogia (Lima, 1978),  later published in English as IMCS-IYCS: Their Option Their Pedagogy by the IMCS Asian Secretariat (Hong Kong, 1979).

Included in the booklet are resource guides for how to organize small Christian communities (SCC) of college students and professionals.

The book is compiled by Kevin Ahern, a lay theologian who has been involved in the leadership of both ICMICA and  IMCS. Drafts of this booklet were circulated among the leadership of IMCS and ICMICA before publication here.

This booklet explains the spirituality, identity, and history of Pax Romana, it offers resources for existing local communities and those seeking to create new groups at the local and national level.

Like the spirituality of our movement, we see this document as a living text that will grow and develop over time. So we invite friends and members to comment and make suggestions for how we can improve future versions.  Translations in French and Spanish will be published soon.

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