Support IMCS/MIEC Pax Romana to build and connect students and young leaders inspired by their faith to act for peace, justice and sustainable community development. The members of the International Secretariat and Regional Coordination are Student Leaders, and your donation will go a long way to help us in the administration and the work that they do.

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Sponsor a Student Leader

IMCS/MIEC Pax Romana is led by student leaders and chaplains elected by the tertiary students around the world. These young leaders who are either students or recent graduates who contribute to the global Catholic Students mission by working full time in different international missions within the organisation (international and regional secretariats). These student leaders are elected to be full time un-salaried missionaries for periods varying 2 to 4 years, and they are given a living allowance to cover their food and other personal expenses.

Ravi Tissera

Victor Ayertey

Fr. Jojo Fung Sj

William Nokrek

Fasika Lachore

Aurielie Monganzimbi

Karin Yuli Idrogo Estela

Anna C. Holtkamp 

If you wish to support these students leaders by contributing for their living allowances, it would reduce the challenges of the global Catholic Students mission work has been facing. By contributing on a one-time, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, you can support the work of these young student leaders who are working for the betterment of our society. 

Support our programs

As you are celebrating your special days (e.g. Birthday, anniversaries, special occasions etc), you can join this fundraiser campaign and meaningfully upport our formation programs in various parts of the world such as Africa, Asia and Pacific, Europe, Latin America or Middle East. On your special days, you can click here to share an IMCS campaign that you are interested in supporting with your loved ones. 

Hence, their gifts for you will contribute to the change we all wish to see in the world through our formation programs and projects listed below:

  • Youth employment and Entrepreneurship training
  • Advocacy
  • Environment and Climate change
  • Empowerment of Indigenous communities
  • Poverty and Marginalized communities
  • IMCS and Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Action Research and Development 
  • Gender mainstreaming and Women empowerment
  • Migration and migrants’ rights
  • Peace, Justice and Conflict resolution
  • Mental Health and Abuse – Children and Young people
  • Ecumenism and Inclusiveness

The Thematic areas of these programs and projects are decided by the student and their representatives coming from all around the world.

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Become a volunteer and support with your expertise

As the global Catholic Tertiary Students mission, IMCS/MIEC Pax Romana organises a range of programs listed above either online or in-person with the purpose of building Students leadership and empowering the communities that we work within. 

If you are interested in supporting us with your expertise and time to help make an impact, then register with the following details: