IMCS Pax Romana Global Advocacy Team is the official branch of the organization which is leading the advocacy engagements of the movement in the international level. Possible members for the advocacy team are being recognized through training programs of the movement and are being recruited through an application process. In specific occasions, based on the merits non-members are given the opportunity to participate in the advocacy team under the discretion of the international coordination team. The mandate of the members of the advocacy team is being decided by the international coordination team. IMCS and ICMICA Movements are having a shared NGO representation as Pax Romana at the United Nations, most of the advocacy operations are done collectively. Currently IMCS advocacy efforts are mainly coordinated in New York, Paris, Geneva, Paris and Nairobi.

The main responsibilities of the Global Advocacy Team of IMCS Pax Romana are,

  • Leading the global advocacy efforts of the movement following the directions provided by IMCS international coordination team based on the World Assembly, International Council or Regional Councils decisions (based on the organizational geographical jurisdiction)
  • Being the international voice of the movement in youth advocacy platforms.
  • Procedural reporting to the International Coordination team.
  • Leading/supporting the advocacy formation initiatives of the movement in international/regional and national levels.

Sameh Kamel

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Saúl Zenteno Bueno

Advocacy Team Member

Ryan Kelly

Advocacy Team Member